Tom Brennan: An update

As supporters and all speedway fans and well-wishers will be aware, Tom suffered a bad accident in heat 12 of the meeting at Eastbourne against Glasgow last Saturday (May 18)

Following admittance to Hastings Conquest Hospital on Saturday evening, Tom was assessed and diagnosed with a broken leg in three places to his tibia and fibula.

An operation to pin and plate the breaks was planned for Monday.

However, on that day, Tom showed signs of breathing difficulties which meant that the planned operation had to be delayed and these symptoms worsened on Tuesday. 

Following a full consultation with the family, Tom was placed on to a ventilator and an induced coma on Tuesday to both give his lungs chance to recover and to ease his distress. 

On Wednesday, the specialists were confident that this had worked well enough to allow them to undertake the important operation on Tom’s leg and this has now been completed and the leg pinned and plated. 

As of this lunchtime (Thursday, May 23) the surgeons are “very happy” with the outcome of that operation.

Tom remains on a ventilator and the plan is to bring him round sometime later today so that further assessment can be made. 

The diagnosis is that the impact of the crash has caused some damage to Tom’s lungs that can be fully assessed once he wakes, and now that the vital operation on his broken leg has been successfully completed.  

The family are very grateful and overwhelmed by all the messages of support at this very difficult time and have apologised for not responding to many of them at this stage. 

They have also asked that all messages are passed on via the club at this stage and Eastbourne Speedway will of course pass those on for you.

The club will only comment when authorised by Tom’s family.

We send them collectively, individually and on behalf of everyone all our love and support.

Eastbourne Fineprint Eagles will be holding a “bucket collection” for Tom at the meeting on Saturday and there will be big GET WELL cards for supporters to sign.

So as to not inundate the family, if you wish to bring your own Get Well Cards for us to pass on, we would be delighted to do so.

Tom is very much an integral part of the Eastbourne family and we hope that you will all come along and show your love and support on Saturday, so that we can all collect together to support a very special person and family.

Image Credits: Tiffani Graveling Photography