Drew in British Final

Young Eagle Drew Kemp will ride in this year’s British Final.

He will be very much on home ground, living fewer than 30 minutes from the Ipswich track where the prestigious event will be held on Saturday, September 26.

Ipswich is his parent club and he would have ridden this year for the Witches in the Premiership as well as the HG Aerospace Eagles. Drew said: “Obviously it’s been strange times this year but for me to be able to race in an event as big as this is pretty good.

“I raced in the semi-final last year so to make a step up in a year isn’t bad and I’ll just aim to do it each year.”

Naturally he has an ambition to win on the big night saying:

“If I wasn’t going in it to win, it would be pointless racing in it. However, there are some tough racers in it so it’s not going to be easy to say the least.

“If I can go and enjoy the meeting and the experience then the points will come, and then at the end of the night we will see where we end up, Drew said.

He will not be making any special preparations commenting: “My bikes are being prepared very well.

“It’s just another meeting so I’m trying not to change anything too drastic to change the way I do things.”

Drew doesn’t believe being a local lad in the final will add any pressure.

“I think the only pressure will come from myself like usual, but that’s pretty normal I’m sure.

“As long as the Ipswich fans/management know that whatever the outcome I’ve done my best then that’s all they can ask for.

“It’s a gradual progression, so it’s important to make the most of it – especially being the local rider.

“I don’t know of many riders to race in a British final at 18 years old and do it at their home ground too – it’s gonna be fun.”

Image Credit: Mike Hinves