Three Eagles in British U-19 Final

Eastbourne’s three teenage tornadoes will be shooting for glory on Sunday (September 20) at the British Under-19 Final which is being held at Scunthorpe.

Tom Brennan, Drew Kemp and Jason Edwards will head to the Eddie Wright Raceway, along with 13 other riders.

Brennan has been drawn at No 5, Edwards at No 8 and Kemp at No 14.

It means Brennan and Edwards go head-to-head as early as heat two.

Last year, Kemp took the title with Edwards second, whilst Brennan had to sit the 2019 final out because of a broken leg.

He was in hot form last week when he rode for an Eastbourne Select quartet in a three-team tournament at Plymouth.

He ensured the HG Aerospace Eagles were victorious after he powered from the back to win the final race from Henry Atkins by a matter of inches as the chequered flag fell.

Full draw:

1) Henry Atkins

2) Jake Mulford

3) Leon Flint

4) Jordan Palin

5) Tom Brennan

6) Elliot Kelly

7) Dan Thompson

8 ) Jason Edwards

9) Sam Hagon

10) Archie Freeman

11) Joe Thompson

12) Harry McGurk

13) Daniel Gilkes

14) Drew Kemp

15) Kyle Bickley

16) Jordan Jenkins


17) Kean Dickens

18) Mickie Simpson

Entrance is via Online tickets only, which can be purchased here.

Image credit: Mike Hinves