Edward makes it five Eagles in final

Edward Kennett will ride speedway competitively for the first time this season – and it’s in the British Final.

The Eastbourne HG Aerospace is looking forward to being back on a bike.

Hailsham-based Kennett, who had a spell with Ipswich last year, said the Foxhall track was a nice one to ride.

“I have had some good meetings there,” he said. “It suits my style of riding.

“It is going to be fresh for everyone this year, just not me,” he said.

“Everyone is in the same boat about riding this year.

“It is going to be different.”

Kennett’s only competitive action so far this year was in France where he contested the European Grasstrack final at the end of July.

Earlier in the year he went to Scunthorpe for a speedway practice session.

Kennett, who works for Robins of Hertsmonceux, will take a day off ahead of the final next Saturday (September 25) to attend the official practice at Ipswich.

Edward Kennett was runner-up in the British Finals of 2008 (to Scott Nicholls) and 2009 (to Chris Harris).

On each of those occasions Tai Woffinden was third.

Kennett is the final name for the main field. Only the reserves remain to be announced.

It means Eastbourne have five riders in the main field – Kennett, Richard Lawson, Lewi Kerr, Tom Brennan and Drew Kemp.

Whilst advance tickets for the event have sold out, a live stream can be purchased. Click here for full information.

Image Credit: Mike Hinves