Tom is in British Final

Tom Brennan is the latest HG Aerospace Eagle to be named for the British Final.

He joins fellow Eastbourne teenage tornado, Drew Kemp, in the line-up, along with Richard Lawson and Lewi Kerr.

Brennan said it was a massive honour to be chosen for such a prestigious meeting.

He said: “From an early age, I have dreamt of being in a British Final.

“It was a big shock to the system when I heard that I would be riding but a very, very good shock.”

He said it would be a tough meeting and believed he would not be under any pressure.

The British Final is being held at Ipswich on September 26 and it is track where Brennan has little experience.

He’s been twice before to the Suffolk circuit and one of those occasions was on a 250cc machine.

However, he plans to make the most of a practice session at Ipswich in the days leading up to the final.

The remainder of the 16 rider field will be announced in the next few days.

Image Credit: Mike Hinves